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Prairie Children Preschool - Parent pick up of materials

Reported by on 10/23/20


Dear Preschool Families,
Thank you for taking this remote learning journey with us at the preschool. We will be having another pick up of learning materials on Wednesday, October 28 at the preschool located at 780 Shoreline Drive. Material pick up at 780 Shoreline drive is for those families who would attend at the Shoreline location. If your child would attend at any of our satellite locations at our elementary schools (Gombert, Longwood, McCarty, and Graham), please look for information from your teacher for materials pick up at each of those locations.

Please attach the car tag to your rear view mirror with the writing facing out. Please make sure your car tag is visible as you enter the preschool parking lot. We will be using the information on the car tag to locate your materials in the preschool.

Pick up times:

8:30am- 10:30am: Butterfly, Cat, Eagle, Fish, Fox, Ladybug, Lamb, Redbird, Rooster

12:30pm – 2:30pm: Bee, Bluebird, Cow, Deer, Dragonfly, Duck, Frog, Owl, Snail

Parents will need to drive to the school to maintain social distancing. If you are out of town and unable to pick up your child’s remote learning packet and materials, you may arrange for a neighbor to pick up their learning materials.
In the interest of safety for you and for our staff, we ask that you follow these procedures when you arrive for your scheduled pick up time:
• Please enter the parking lot and follow in a single line, as directed.
• Once your car has reached the designated spot, please open the trunk and/or unlock your side door. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE. A staff member will place the learning packet/materials in your trunk.
• Entrance to Prairie Children Preschool is off Prairie Lake Court. We are located at the very end of the street. Prairie Lake Court is off Meadow Lakes Blvd, which can be accessed from 75th Street.
• We will have staff outside directing traffic.


Sally A. Osborne, Principal
Prairie Children Preschool
(630) 375-3030

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